5 Steps to Better Facial Skin Care

Beautiful, clear facial skin is something every woman desires. Unfortunately, not every woman possesses smooth, radiant skin; quiet the opposite – most of females suffer from various conditions, such as acne or rosacea, and spend years fighting them. There is good help to be found in hair salons Austin. Many change diets and daily regimen in attempt to solve their facial skin’s problems, but the truth is – a simple facial care ritual is not that hard to accomplish. It only requires an investment of small amount of your time and understanding of your skin’s needs. A salon facial, such as Absolute Facial or microdermabrasion treatment offered at José Luis Salon whom has talented hair stylist could be a monthly treat for your skin, but do not neglect your face outside the salon. Remember – good facial skin care starts at home.

First step towards a Austin facial is skin care is cleansing. You must wash your face with gentle facial cleanser twice a day, but not too often, so not to rob your skin of its essential oils, this especially true if you use tanning salons Austin TX or wax sensitive areas. Before you choose a face cleansing product, consider the quality of your water. If your water is soft, which means it doesn’t remove soap residue well, use only a little bit of cleanser. Hard water, on the contrary, washes off the soap lather easily, so the gentler is your cleanser – the better. Acne medications often cause dryness to your skin, so it is crucial to use a cleanser that does not cause dryness. Cleansing milk or gentle gel-like cleansers are the best.

The second step is exfoliation, which is followed by toning. Exfoliation helps remove dead cells from your facial skin, renewing it and giving you a healthy glow. This is a critical component to make sure your bridal hair compliments your skin. Exfoliation is essential, as your skin becomes more absorbent, retaining moisture better. Toning helps remove the daily reminders of our fast-paced lifestyles – dirt, make-up and oil that accumulates on your skin. Toning can especially benefit those with oily or combination skin, as it removes dirt from open pores, preventing blockage and, thus, formation of pimples.

The fourth step is moisturizing, and while those with oily skin may think they do not need to nourish their skin, moisturizing is equally important for all skin types. Moisturizers should be applied to your face and neck to keep both hydrated. You will not only get a softer skin as a result, moisturizing can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines on your face. Apply moisturizers in a slow, massaging motion until fully absorbed.

The last step to help you achieve great-looking facial skin is protection. While basic, this step is essential to prevent the skin’s premature aging, sun spots, moles or even skin cancer! Quality products such as Kerastase hair products can help too. Always apply sunscreen or sunblock when outside. If you use make-up, consider powder or liquid make-up with SPF index 15 or higher for daily usage.

You can improve the appearance of your facial skin in these five easy steps. Our face is our most important feature, and “putting the best face on” is what we all wish for and expect from others. Adding these five steps to your daily routine will dramatically improve your appearance and make you look like you have taken makeup lessons. For additional, skin condition-specific treatments, consult the specialists at José Luis Salon. The salon offers variety of facials and skin treatments that can make you look your best.

About the Author: Kenneth Brown has written extensively about the beauty & fashion industry and enjoys informing consumers about the many options in this field